This web site is a compilation of family information gathered over the last thirty-years. My husband, Karol F. Dunshee, encouraged me to research my side of the family and I am still amazed at what I keep finding. How time has changed our gathering of data! The National Archives was very beneficial and my husband and I spent many hours looking through reels of federal census. Now we use and many other online sources. How lucky are we?

I have been very fortunate in having some relatives interested in genealogy too. Galen Muller kindly gave me copies of his Muller information, which I have expanded upon with further research. He also graciously provided me with Kaiser and Gudenkauf information obtained from Mrs. Leander Becker. Most of the family didn't move about much and old reels of local Iowa newspapers were available for additional fact gathering.

During my research I have acquired several pictures of family members, but would love to have more to add to the album. If any readers have pictures of these family members they would share, I would greatly appreciate you sending them to me. My email address is

This is a work-in-progress and that is the joy of researching and discovering my family history. If there are errors, please inform me of the corrections and where you obtained the information. My sources are not infallible.